Rev. Dawn Fortune

Choosing a new president for the Unitarian Universalist Association requires us to consider many factors. Our next president must be a leader with a vision, who can communicate that vision, and who can remain grounded in the realities that face congregations and individual UUs in our everyday lives.
All three of the candidates for UUA president are smart, competent people, and I believe our movement will be well-served by any of them. And yet, as I prepare to cast my ballot as a delegate, I am drawn to support Alison Miller as my first choice for UUA president.
I find Alison to be that remarkable combination of visionary and grounded; able to communicate to groups large and small, flexible enough to respond to change that happens around the world and in our movement, and with a vision that is grounded in love and a deep understanding of how Unitarian Universalism works in people’s lives.
I am a practical theologian, meaning that while I appreciate the writings and lofty ideas of our academics and historic leaders, I find those things of little use if they are not able to be applied to people’s everyday lives. In other words: leadership and vision are nice, but if they don’t improve the quality of people’s lives and the world in which we live, then what purpose do they serve? In Alison Miller, I see a leader who can bridge that gap between forward vision and practical application in a way that will serve our movement, its members, and the world around us. It is will enthusiasm and confidence that I endorse Alison Miller for President of the UUA and encourage you to support her with your vote.