Featured Endorsements

Alison is the only remaining candidate campaigning for President of the UUA who was officially nominated by the UUA Presidential Search Committee. “The Unitarian Universalist Association’s Presidential Search Committee is pleased to announce that our chosen nominees for UUA President in the 2017 election have accepted our nomination. We nominate the Rev. Alison Miller (Senior Minister, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, New Jersey) and the Rev. Phillips (New England Regional Lead for UUA Field Staff) for UUA President. The selection of these two candidates was a unanimous decision by our committee, and we fully and equally endorse both candidates.” January 2016 – The UUA Presidential Search Committee members were elected or appointed at General Assembly 2013 and began working together at that time. The members are: Rev. Wayne Arnason, Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Rev. Matthew Johnson, Liz Jones, Rev. Michael Tino, Elandria Williams, and Jacqui C. Williams.
You can read the full announcement at the following link: https://uupresidentialsearch.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/nominees-for-uua-president/