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Welcome! We hope you will take the time to find out why so many are choosing Alison Miller for UUA President. On this page and throughout this website you will find information about Alison and her vision to create a robust, resilient, and relevant future for our UUA. Get to know the candidate with courage, compassion and creativity. Alison is the leader with a passion and proven track record of working with the rising generations, people on the margins of our faith, innovative ministries, powerful social justice movements, fundraising, and institutional change.

PDFs of the Congregational Mailing: 
• Alison For UUA_Brochure
• Alison for UUA_Campaign Managers’ Letter
• Alison for UUA_Letter to Delegates
• Alison for UUA_Shared Vision
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Dear Congregational Leaders and Voting Delegates,

Thank you for your leadership and service in our faith. As religious professionals and lay leaders in one of our congregations, you make a big impact in the lives of Unitarian Universalists. You are a part of the team who tends and builds a community of faith that makes a difference in people’s lives through worship, religious education, caring connections, and social and environmental justice. In a time of division, devastation, and dehumanization in our country, you are a part of the frontlines upholding religious freedom, human rights, and environmental protection. You model building community across difference in your congregation and through your partnerships in the wider world. Your voice and your perspective matter a great deal as we make decisions about the health and wellbeing of our Unitarian Universalist Association.

As a Candidate for UUA President who has worked in UU communities ranging from very small to some of our largest, I understand the particular challenges and opportunities that are present in these diverse contexts. In addition to leadership in congregations, I also bring experience working on college campuses, in online spiritual communities, in statewide advocacy networks, in prison ministries, and at the UUA in stewardship and development.

I am excited to share with you a strategic vision for a robust, relevant, and resilient UUA that grows out of dialogues with UUs in small, midsize, and large congregations; UUs in ministries beyond congregations; and UUs struggling to find a community of faith. Leaders like you told me repeatedly the ideas and aspirations that would make a difference. Here are some examples:

  • Worship resources and training to facilitate moving, meaningful experiences that meet the spiritual needs of a diverse and religiously inclusive group;
  • Stronger coaching to help congregations move over growth plateaus and with stewardship and fundraising to carry out our mission;
  • Models for holistic, effective social and environmental justice organizing in small, midsize and large congregations.
  • Interfaith and community organizing partnerships that link us to statewide, national, and global networks to leverage our prophetic voice and witness in the public square;
  • Ordained and lay leadership training and experiential learning around ministries in a multicultural, multiracial, multigenerational and religiously diverse community;

You can click here to read my vision for the UUA: strategic vision and there is a shorter one page PDF version below. I hope you will see your leaders, your community, and your aspirations reflected in it. We must take steps to support all of our congregations of all sizes to secure a strong future for our spiritually alive, justice centered and radically inclusive faith. Please, share this information with all of your delegates.

Unitarian Universalism is a faith that offers inspiration, renewal, and hope in our broken world. We need all of our congregations to be the places where we practice the work of repair and reconciliation with one another, with all beings, and with our earth.

We can all say a wholehearted “Yes!” to the call to “Lead with Love.” Together, we can ignite faith, empower change, and advance justice.

With gratitude,

Alison Miller

PS I ask you to join with me to make this shared vision a reality and to vote for Alison Miller for UUA President. Click contact page to share your thoughts.

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Downloadable PDFs of Congregational Mailing:
Alison For UUA_Brochure
Alison for UUA_Campaign Managers’ Letter
Alison for UUA_Letter to Delegates
Alison for UUA_Shared Vision
Alison for UUA_GA Schedule Insert
Alison for UUA_Voting Insert