Rev. Wendy Von Courter

Alison is the real deal!
Now, more than ever, the president we choose must be one who has grown past personal activism and demonstrated leadership in combatting systemic racism and oppression – in congregations, communities, the margins, and in our UUA. Alison Miller is that person. Having grown up in our faith, Allison has been a UU leader for much of her life. Her record demonstrates a strong and effective core, formed and continually informed and transformed by our faith. She brings a spiritual, prophetic presence that calls those who follow to new imaginings and to full participation along the way. And she calls herself there too. Alison knows where power resides in our system; she has seen it well used and misused. She is dedicated to working with others to build new anti-racist and anti-oppressive systems of leadership and pathways to that leadership.

In this critical moment, Unitarian Universalism requires a leader with an authentic love of our faith, an eagerness to engage our challenges directly and transparently, and a belief that, together, we can live into the values we proclaim and claim to promote. We cannot entrust our future in more of the same or wait to receive a vision from any sole voice. We must choose a president with a proven record of building relationships of accountability. One who has used her power to share leadership with all others: lay leaders, staff, colleagues, activists, and civic leaders, including those marginalized by society and by our congregations and Association.

A vote for Alison is a vote for accountability. And it is a vote for the agility, creativity, and humility that are necessary in these times.

It’s noteworthy that of the three candidates, only Alison was nominated by the UUA Presidential Search Committee as a result of their original discernment process. Those who looked most closely offered us her name.
Alison inspires me, and makes me hopeful about our future. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Alison Miller as the next UUA President!

Rev. Wendy Von Courter
Minister, UU Church of Marblehead, MA
Co-Chair, Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee

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