Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

I am endorsing Rev. Alison Miller for UUA President because Unitarian Universalism saved my life and I believe she will safeguard our faith for the future.

I began attending a UU congregation as a young child and “came back”, after a 10-year absence, in my early twenties during a particularly difficult time of personal transition. It was through my home congregation I found hope and found myself. I believe Alison will do the same for this shared faith we hold so dear.

As a mentor and colleague, Alison has inspired me to be a better minister. I have learned from her what it is to challenge myself and those I serve to be more compassionate, more curious, and more courageous — both in our understandings of religiousity and our common humanity. I look up to Alison for the depth and poetry she brings to her preaching and for the strong, prophetic words she raises in the public square. And, more importantly, because her actions always match her words.

Alison is accomplished and accomplishes with a steadfast desire to be a partner and with a central motivation to build community. As a leader in this faith movement I not only want, I need the top leadership of our denomination to serve from the heart, with optimism and vision. I need to have a leader to look to for development and an assurance that they understand the challenges of religious life in the 21st century. Alison has experienced the best we can be as Unitarian Universalists and understands we are connected to a greater whole. Through her own long tenure of service, from her beginings in lay leadership as a teenager to her most recent 12-year settlement as the Minister of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, Alison not only has been tested, she has learned innovative new ways for our faith to thrive. As a fellow life-long UU, leading the charge myself as a young adult lay leader in my home congregation as Alison was heading up the UUA’s Youth & Young Adult Ministry Sunday “Mind the Gap” campaign, I know that she shares a commitment to guiding our UU youth to become UU adults. Alison encourages each of us, UUs of all ages, to do our very best to serve Unitarian Universalism and this Universe with love, trust and an ever persistent hope. I admire her greatly.

Most of all, I appreciate Alison for her thoughtfulness and her care of people. When you talk to Alison, she listens. She has the ability to see within us strength and gifts we’ve not yet recognized. She sincerely wants the very best for everyone she meets and for each of us to find our better selves and bring out the most in others. I have experienced Alison’s support firsthand. That is why I feel so confident in endorsing her candidacy for UUA President. I know she will bring the very same concern and passion to keep the flame of Unitarian Universalism burning ever bright and clear.

Rev. Jennifer Kelleher

Minister, UU Congregation of Somerset Hills

Somerville, NJ