Rev. Dr. Richard Speck

I am supporting Alison Miller as the next president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. I first met Alison when she came to work at the Unitarian Universalist Association. I was the District Executive of the Joseph Priestley District and we had a strong Young Adult Ministry which interfaced with Alison as leader of the Mind the Gap program linking youth and young adults with our congregations. I was impressed by her knowledge, energy, and well thought out ideas. Even at a young age she showed great leadership. At that time, I thought that she would continue to grow as a leader of our faith.

When I heard her speaking at the 2016 General Assembly I was struck by how well thought out her vision for the Unitarian Universalist Association was in her presentation. I have known her as a colleague for over fifteen years and seen her collaborative style of working with others. She led a worship service at GA 2015 that highly valued all the various ministries that contributed to that service. Our UU Musician Network members were true partners in that service.

She has shown that she is an experienced congregational, district, and national leader. Alison has been in the forefront of change to build more vitality in our faith for the future. She has shown that she has the institutional experience and the passion to lead us into the changes that our faith demands in the years to come. It is for these reasons that I heartily endorse Alison Miller to be the next President of the UUA.

-Rev. Dr. Richard Speck
Retired District Executive, JPD UUA, 2000-2014