Mr. Barb Greve

I am thrilled to endorse Alison Miller for UUA President! Alison is a collaborative leader grounded in an understanding of intersectionality and pluralism. In the more than 20 years I’ve known her, she has been innovative, inspirational, thoughtful, and passionate. She is a deep thinker and broad listener. Her integrity, compassion and honesty inspire me. She embodies our faith through her whole life – it is the foundation of, and integrated into all of who she is.

We met over 20 years ago while on staff at the UUA and I continue to cherish any opportunity in which we might work together. From supporting transgender rights to addressing racism and white supremacy to confronting oppression in all its forms, when there is a call to action or a call to support that is reflective of our values, she’s there. She has a decades-strong commitment to justice – it’s just who she is – it’s one of the ways that she lives her values.

Alison’s leadership encourages healthy governance, clear boundaries, and relational accountability. She has an excellent analysis of systems of oppression and privilege. Her experience in fundraising and managing large non-profits makes her an ideal candidate. Alison is a visionary leader for our times and the future. For these reasons and many others, she is my choice for President of the UUA.
Mr. Barb Greve, MDiv, MCRE
Co-Founder, Transgender Religious professional Unitarian Universalists Together
Former Chair, Starr King School for the Ministry

Former Co-Chair, UUA GA Right Relationship Team