Participate in a Listening Circle

Join Alison in an upcoming Listening Circle! Conversations in March will focus on how the UUA can support and enhance services to and the ministries of small, midsize and large congregations.

We use the Zoom video conferencing platform. (There is also an option to participate via telephone.) If you participate via video, it requires a piece of software that you can download and install for free here:

To RSVP, choose a topic, then fill out the form below.

We are grateful for your interest in participating in our democratic process in this way. Registration for this listening circle is now closed. Please stay in touch. We will schedule additional opportunities very soon!

Large Congregations - 30 March 2017

Please respond by Wednesday, March 29.

The Listening Circles are an excellent opportunity to share with Alison your thoughts on the present and future of our faith. By participating, you are helping Alison learn from and be informed by your experiences and that of many other Unitarian Universalists. Thanks for your interest!

Listening Circles are offered online (also accessible by phone) for groups of 6 to 10 people at a time. (We will also offer some in-person Listening Circles around the country.)

To sign up, complete the form below.

  • In addition to open-topic listening circles, we are organizing some events around a set of common interests or identities. Some examples: people who live in the Southwest District, participants in small congregations, parents, people of color, etc.

    We will also gather in groups addressing specific themes. Some examples: effective action for social and environmental justice, religious education that supports a full week faith, engaging with religious pluralism in our communities, etc.

    We welcome your suggestions for identities, interests, or themes that you would like to see included.

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