Rev. Carol Huston

Three good women are running for the presidency of the UUA. Alison Miller is the candidate I support. It goes without saying that the parish and the non-profit world have given her the skills she needs (and that the UUA needs!) to administer our complicated organization. Her background with the Church of the Younger Fellowship…

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Rev. Edward Scott Sammler-Michael

Alison Miller is the right choice for UUA President in 2017. Alison never walks into the room with ‘all the answers’: she has collaboration baked into her DNA. She has the energy and vision for this call. Alison has served on the boards of interfaith organizations and major non-profits, helping them take their finances and…

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Eric Broner

As a high-level youth leader, and one who will very soon be bridging and becoming a young adult within our faith, the place of youth and young adults within our faith movement is very important to me. Alison Miller, I believe, has the greatest experience with programs that focus on faith and spiritual leadership development…

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Rev. Terry Sweetser

Alison has led with love through good times and bad. She inspires the possibilities in each of us and lives the love of transformation. Endorse healing hope and join me in voting for Alison as UUA President! Rev. Terry Sweetser Former VP for Stewardship and Development

Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Alison’s spiritual depth and emotional maturity, her capacity for listening, her openness to the help and advice of others, her experience in congregations and at the UUA, and her wise judgment are all qualities that make her my choice to be the next President of the UUA.

Rev. Dawn Fortune

Choosing a new president for the Unitarian Universalist Association requires us to consider many factors. Our next president must be a leader with a vision, who can communicate that vision, and who can remain grounded in the realities that face congregations and individual UUs in our everyday lives. All three of the candidates for UUA…

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Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

I support Alison Miller for UUA President because she has a strong awareness of intersectionality, and a history of active dedication to building collaborations across organizations and identities. To me, that exemplifies the abundance, inclusivity, and co-creativity that are at the core of Unitarian Universalism. As a Unitarian Universalist Muslim, I am deeply grateful for…

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Arif Mamdani

I am excited to support Alison Miller’s candidacy for UUA President. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Alison via our service on the board of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and through that work, I’ve experienced Alison’s vision for Unitarian Universalism, creative and innovative problem solving, deep commitment to racial justice, and…

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Rev. Emilie Boggis

Living through tumultuous times, both in our Association and our country, we need a leader who will call forth the best in our faith and the best in our people. A leader who will rally us to lead with love. This is who I know Alison to be, having worked alongside her for the last…

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Lisa Maria Steinberg

I support Alison for president of the UUA because she is best equipped to lead our faith in the the work of healing our broken world through the loving message of Unitarian Universalism. We need a leader who is committed to responsible resource management, excellence in shared ministry, and knows how to lead by example….

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